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InMode FaceTite and Fractora Treatments NYC | New York City InMode FaceTite and Fractora Treatments NYC | New York City InMode FaceTite and Fractora Treatments NYC | New York City


FaceTite & Fractora Treatments

InMode is a company on the cutting edge of advances in cosmetic medicine, developing innovative treatments that employ lasers, radiofrequency waves, and pulsed light. These systems deliver the dramatic improvements of plastic surgery without the associated downtime. With a focus on what today’s patients want, InMode offers some of the most highly sought after cosmetic treatments available today. The FaceTite and Fractora devices are two perfect examples.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more and more patients these days are asking about non-surgical methods to achieve their aesthetic goals, signaling a move away from the old “nip and tuck” days of plastic surgery, where results were achieved by excising and removing healthy tissue from the body. Facelifts, arm lifts, and other similar procedures were performed almost exclusively by removing loose skin to tighten and adjust what remained. Fat and skin would be removed to move toward the desired contours and smoothness, but the invasiveness of these procedures also meant significant downtime to allow the body to heal, and left noticeable scarring.

Stunning Results Without Surgery

Fractora Before and After

Today, technological innovations have made it possible to achieve stunning results without the invasive practice of surgery. The use of light, energy, and waves has completely revolutionized the field of plastic surgery: rather than the traumatic removal of tissue, these innovations harness the body’s own natural healing and regenerative properties to help you look your best. If you are interested in receiving some of the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments around, our NYC Fractora device is the right choice for you.

Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (FaceTite) by InMode

Lipolysis is the breakdown of fats, and the Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (FaceTite) device by InMode uses the thermal energy produced by radiofrequency waves to target multiple tissue levels, breaking down fat as well as tightening the outermost layer of skin. During the treatment, a thin cannula (similar in size to an 18-gauge needle) is inserted beneath the skin, while an electrode is held on the surface of the skin. An electrical current is transmitted between the two, generating heat and energy that cause both fat coagulation and tightening of the surface of the skin. This is a focused thermal field created by an electrical current, flowing directly from the tip of the cannula to the external electrode placed on the skin’s surface. The interaction of the two electrodes allows for outstanding precision, so that 100% of the energy produced is concentrated in the targeted treatment zone. This maximizes both fat coagulation and contraction of the fibrous septa, leading to an overall more youthful, tighter appearance.

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Safe and Effective

The FaceTite procedure is extremely safe, with the practitioner able to monitor and adjust the temperatures of both electrodes in real time. This allows the temperature to be carefully controlled, both on the surface of the skin and in the underlying dermal layers, for maximum therapeutic benefit and patient safety. Impedance measurements also provide continual feedback to the practitioner, so that adjustments can be made continually as needed. The unique design of the cannula tip is nimble and versatile, allowing for both “stamping” and “moving” treatment techniques as necessary.

FaceTite can be used for both FaceTite and BodyTite procedures, so patients can experience the remarkable results without scarring and downtime, for face and body. FaceTite is among the latest innovations in non-surgical facelifts, producing a younger, brighter face with no scalpels and minimal downtime. From sagging skin hanging off the arms to the chin and other areas of the body, FaceTite can be used to target areas of excess fat and loose, sagging skin. Clinical studies found that FaceTite resulted in a 36.4% contraction of the skin’s surface in the treated areas.

The InMode Fractora

Similar to FaceTite or the Fraxel treatment modality, the Fractora also uses radio waves to produce and tighten the skin, particularly of the face and neck. Surface-level treatments like Fraxel are limited in their penetration depth, a problem that FaceTite addresses by conducting a current between an electrode on the surface of the skin and a cannula positioned deeper beneath the surface. The Fractora uses a different approach, employing tiny pins that penetrate the skin at variable depths and then produce the necessary therapeutic radiofrequency energy. As the pins penetrate beneath the surface of the skin, Fractora is an appropriate treatment for more advanced skin issues like deep wrinkles that surface-level treatments cannot fully resolve.

By avoiding the outermost layer of the skin, Fractora is also able to avoid the pigmentation issues that may arise following surface-level radiofrequency treatments. Discoloration is minimal, while scars, wrinkles, and even pigmentation issues are effectively reduced. Some skin types can benefit from any of these technologies, but depending on your ethnic background and skin pigmentation, Fractora may be one of the few treatments that can work effectively for you with no visible drawbacks.

For a comprehensive selection of the best cosmetic solutions on the market performed by a double board-certified physician, contact Dr. Westreich at New Face NY.

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