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Vaginal Tightening NYC | Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Manhattan Vaginal Tightening NYC | Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Manhattan Vaginal Tightening NYC | Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Manhattan


Vaginal Tightening NYC

Dr. Westreich and his team have helped many women throughout Manhattan and NYC with non-surgical vaginal tightening. He sees patients that want to tone and tighten after childbirth, age or to improve their lives.

The Ultra Femme 360™ Procedure provides the shortest non-invasive treatment available for female intimate parts. Treatments can take as little as 8 minutes.

Vaginal Rejuvination New York City

Improving the function and sensation of your most intimate area is easier than ever with the non-invasive Ultra Femme 360 device. Over time you may notice a reduction in vaginal tightness due to childbirth or the natural relaxing of the tissues that comes with age.

Vaginal Tightening NYC

Restore Vaginal Firmness

Loss of vaginal tightness can be uncomfortable or lead to other embarrassing side effects. However, recent technological advances have led to the release of the Ultra Femme 360, a unique device that provides quick, effective treatment with dramatic results for vaginal tightening in NYC.

Vaginal Tightening without Surgery

Laser Treatments

Tightening the vagina and vulvar area can improve many problems associated with vaginal laxity, including:

  • Vaginal incontinence
  • Decreased sensation during sexual intercourse
  • Loose vaginal opening or canal
  • Decreased blood flow to the area, making achieving sexual satisfaction more difficult
  • Vaginal dryness, causing pain or discomfort during intercourse

Non-Invasive Treatment for Vaginal Laxity

Vaginal laxity is caused by a gradual relaxation of the muscle and other tissues in the vagina over time. While sometimes embarrassing or uncomfortable to discuss – the team at New Face NY is here to help you rejuvenate your most intimate area. We will make you feel comfortable, and we use the most advanced system available to restore vaginal tightness and sensation with a painless, effective, non-invasive procedure.

Am I a candidate for Vaginal Tightening?

Almost any woman seeking vaginal rejuvenation in New York can benefit from Ultra Femme 360 vaginal tightening. Women who are pregnant or planning to have more children should refrain from undergoing vaginal tightening until after they have finished having children.

Comfortable, Pain-Free Treatment for Vaginal Tightening

The newly-developed technology used in the Ultra Femme 360 is safe, comfortable, and effective. The non-invasive treatment is virtually pain-free and doesn’t require incisions, anesthesia, or downtime. The procedure itself is fast and easy, and you do not have to plan for a long, surgical recovery, making this vaginal tightening procedure easy to fit into your day.

How the Ultra Femme 360 Works

The first of its kind, the Ultra Femme 360 is a revolutionary device that uses radio frequency to heat vaginal tissues, increasing blood flow to the area and stimulating the body’s natural regenerative process to build up and restore the strength and elasticity of the tissue in the vaginal canal. The heat therapy, while effective for rejuvenating these sensitive areas, is not painful.

The Ultra Femme 360 has two attachments: one is used for the vaginal canal, the other for the labia. The attachments deliver RF energy to the treatment area to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This stimulation results in tightening of the skin and muscles in the area while increasing the blood flow to produce remarkable improvements without the need to undergo surgery.

Vaginal Rejuvenation NYC
Vaginal Rejuvenation Manhattan
Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation New York City

Ultra Femme 360: Safe and Effective

The specially-designed device has a disposable tip for safe delivery of treatment to each patient without risk of contamination. The shape of the device is comfortable, allowing you to relax during the procedure. The device is slowly moved forward and back inside your vaginal canal to evenly treat tissues from your vaginal opening to the area near your cervix. The heat therapy is emitted from the entire length of the device, as opposed to simply the tip of the device like some other devices, which allows for an even distribution of the therapeutic heat.

How long are the treatments, and how many will I need?

The treatment can be as short as eight minutes, but can last up to twenty for some women. You will likely need a few treatments to achieve full tightening of the tissues. Most patients need approximately three total treatments, typically spaced one week apart. However, the quick nature of the procedure means makes it possible to easily fit them into a normal day. You can even come in on your lunchbreak and return to work once the procedure is complete.

Vaginal Tightening vs. Labiaplasty

You may have also looked at the possibility of labiaplasty as opposed to vaginal tightening. These treatments are completely different from one another. Labiaplasty is used to treat stretched labia minora that may protrude beyond the labia majora, or surgically correct lax outer lips. The Ultra Femme 360 device can shrink the tissue near the vaginal opening, which can also firm and lift the skin of the labia minora.

Labiaplasty or Laser for Vaginal Tightening?

The Ultra Femme 360 can achieve results similar to a labiaplasty while providing the added benefit of vaginal tightening and the alleviation of the symptoms of incontinence. You can improve more symptoms with a single treatment using the Ultra Femme 360 while also enjoying the benefits of a fast, effective, non-surgical procedure. You won’t need anesthesia, incisions, or a painful recovery, and achieve dramatic improvements in firmness, tightness, elasticity, and moisture.

Recovery from Vaginal Tightening with the Ultra Femme 360

The pain-free, non-invasive Ultra Femme 360 requires no time off work or the need to rest and recover at home. Your treatments are easy to fit into your day without disrupting your usual activities. The safe and effective procedure has very few side effects, and there is no need for pain medication after the procedure is complete. The entire process is pleasant, painless, and fast, making it one of the easiest decisions you could make to improve vaginal health and sensitivity.

You will need to refrain from sexual intercourse for one week while your vaginal tissues are healing and restoring, and will soon notice the benefits of your vaginal tightening procedure.

Benefits of the Ultra Femme 360

The benefits of vaginal tightening with the Ultra Femme 360 are truly impressive. Beyond the fact of no need for downtime and other benefits of a non-surgical procedure, you will also experience increased blood flow, and the resulting heightened sensitivity. Better sexual function leads to increased natural lubrication, improved sensation during intercourse, and better or more frequent orgasms.

Vaginal Tightening NYC

Treat Incontinence Without Surgery or Medication

Additionally, a tightening of the anterior wall of the vagina can improve stress incontinence. The Ultra Femme 360 can also improve the size and shape of the labia minora, alleviating discomfort during intercourse or physical activities that were uncomfortable in the past. You can enjoy the benefits of increased tightness and sensitivity, all with the simple and effective non-invasive Ultra Femme 360 tightening procedure.

Vaginal Tightening in NYC

New Face NY is a state-of-the art facility with a prime Manhattan location in the heart of New York City. We integrate the latest technology into your custom treatment plan to give you natural results with minimal downtime. Dr. Richard Westreich is a double-board certified plastic surgeon who is highly-respected for his skills, trusted in NYC for consistently achieving natural results, and for providing patients with the highest level of care in a luxurious, discreet setting.

If it is time investigate treatments to improve vaginal health and sexual pleasure, a non-invasive vaginal tightening procedure could help you have a happier, more satisfying life. So try arguably the best vaginal tightening NYC has to offer.


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