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Having Rhinoplasty Overseas – Is It Worth It? - Richard W. Westreich MD. FACS Having Rhinoplasty Overseas – Is It Worth It? - Richard W. Westreich MD. FACS Having Rhinoplasty Overseas – Is It Worth It? - Richard W. Westreich MD. FACS


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Why Patients Consider Overseas Rhinoplasty Surgeries

The cost of a rhinoplasty in NYC is often one of the major considerations when choosing between providers. As rhinoplasty is often considered an elective, cosmetic procedure, many patients may need to pay out of pocket and are drawn to the low costs of rhinoplasties in foreign nations. It can be very tempting to consider an overseas rhinoplasty, often for less than a rhinoplasty in New York.

The Drawbacks of Foreign Rhinoplasties

There are several major drawbacks to a foreign rhinoplasty versus one done in the U.S.

1) Regulations:

  • In the U.S., all surgeons, anesthesiologists, staff, and surgical facilities are strictly regulated by law and must adhere to high standards.
    • The facility will be sterile and safe.
    • The surgeon and anesthesiologist will have easily verifiable certifications, minimum amounts of training and experience, and references to previous work.
  • Regulations can vary widely from country to country, and standards in a foreign nation are often sub-par to those in the U.S.
    • It may be difficult to verify a surgeon’s experience or credibility.
    • There may not be an anesthesiologist on-site.
    • The staff’s training level can fluctuate widely, and you may be treated by a barely trained staff.

2) Pre-Procedure Consultations:

  • In the U.S., it can be very easy for a patient to have several in-person consultations with skilled, experienced surgeons to find the best fit. In person, consultations will provide the surgeon with the most accurate information in order to propose the best treatment plan.
  • With a foreign rhinoplasty, any consultation before committing to the procedure will necessarily be virtual. Many patients will not even have a virtual consultation. This leaves the surgeon with a knowledge gap going into the surgery, and easily avoidable complications may arise.

3) Results:

  • Foreign countries and cultures often have an idea of beauty that is different, so you and your doctor may not see eye to eye on ideal results. In this case, it can be difficult to ascertain beforehand without an in-person consultation, and it will be too late after.
    • If a patient is deeply unhappy with their results, they will often end up paying much more for a revision rhinoplasty with a trusted American doctor.

4) Follow-up and Recovery:

  • In the U.S., a follow-up appointment with the surgeon is standard. This allows the surgeon to check the progress of your recovery, and for any complications.
    • If there are any complications, the follow-up cost is generally covered.
    • Patients generally heal faster and recover more easily in their comfortable, familiar home environment.
  • With a foreign rhinoplasty, standard practices for follow up and complications may vary widely.
    • Once back in the U.S., any complications will have to be addressed by an American surgeon, at an additional cost.
    • Follow up appointments may not be made, or difficult to book.

5) Additional Costs:

  • In addition to any potential costs of re-work, there are also additional costs associated with a foreign rhinoplasty:
    • Travel, such as airfare.
    • Lodging for the duration of your stay.

NYC Residents Considering Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is a serious operation that should be carefully considered. For the vast majority of patients, it is much more preferable to stay in the U.S. to seek out the best facial plastic surgeon. If you are in the Manhattan or NYC area, come see Dr. Westreich for a consultation. Dr. Westreich offers reasonable prices for rhinoplasty surgery and his double board certifications allow him to treat both internal and external aspects of the nose – aesthetics, and functionality – a level of expertise which only a few plastic surgeons in the NY area can match.

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