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Evoke Facial Remodeling

Facial rejuvenation is one of the most sought after and popular aesthetic treatments of today. At New Face in New York, EVOKE allows that remodeling to be done in three dimensions, with zero incisions, zero scars and zero downtime.

What is Evoke and how does it work for facial remodeling?

Evoke is an evolutionary, noninvasive facial remodeling device — the first and only FDA-cleared device of its kind. It uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to remodel facial and submental (under the chin) tissues to give patients more defined facial characteristics that are also smoother and more youthful.

  • Evoke Face is an industry first, specially designed to address cheeks and jowls. Its patented technology uses RF energy to remodel and improve the appearance of facial tissue.
  • Evoke Chin is another industry first, designed to address the chin and submental (roughly, below chin) areas of the face. Its patented technology uses RF energy to remove and improve the look of these parts of the face.


These game-changing aesthetic treatments work by heating and tightening the skin, making them ideal for facial maintenance and for overcoming the early signs of aging in the jowls and under the chin to bring back a more youthful appearance.


The entire procedure is noninvasive. The patient will be fitted with a hands-free headset, positioned over the problem area. Another hands-free piece will be used for the under chin area. Its temperature will be set by the physician, to the exact point where the intended tightening and remodeling result will be achieved.


Treatment sessions run approximately 45 minutes, are comfortable and pain free. Patients will quickly see and feel the results from Evoke treatments and as treatment progresses, they will notice a loss of volume and a restoration of more youthful, nicely remodeled facial features.

What are the benefits of Evoke?

  • Evoke produces a more youthful appearance in targeted facial and under-chin areas
  • It involves no surgery, no incisions and no recovery downtime
  • Treatment is quick, simple and pain free
  • The treatment is hands-free: patients can browse the internet or watch tv while turning back the signs of aging
  • The Evoke system uses color-blind radio frequency technology which is safe and effective on all skin types and skin tones.

What areas does Evoke treat?

Evoke treats the face, neck, chin, cheeks and jowls.

Who is a candidate for Evoke?

At New Face, both procedures can be safely and effectively used on persons of all skin types and skin tones. The patented technology used in Evoke is safe and FDA cleared.

What is after-treatment like?

There is no downtime or recovery period associated with Evoke treatments. Patients will only feel a mild warmth which quickly dissipates.

Is Evoke safe?

The Evoke system is FDA cleared and patented and has a number of personal safety features built into it. These safety features include a temperature monitoring system with real time indicators when the right temperature has been reached. Throughout treatment sessions, the patient will at all times also be able to press a call button to pause treatment and summon a New Face aesthetician for adjustments or to handle any concerns.

Why choose New Face?

New Face is an ideal center for Evoke treatments, for our full-service patient friendly approach. Our goal is nothing short of our patients safely and smoothly achieving their full beauty and cosmetic goals.


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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update Virtual ConsultationAt-Home Skincare


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Updated April 23, 2020

After serious consideration and in line with the recommendations of our State and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we have been closed since March 19th and will continue to close the practice until June 1st.

Your health and well-being is our primary concern and we want to do our part to make sure that you are protected.

Effective immediately the following will occur:

  • All procedures and in-person consultations will be suspended until May 15th.
  • Key staff members are working remotely to provide clinical patient support and re-scheduling options
  • Only urgent post-surgical follow-ups will be seen by Dr. Westreich and full PPE will be worn. These will be decided on a case by case basis and limited to 1 patient at a time.
  • We are instituting Virtual Consultations for all potential patients.
  • All elective surgeries are rescheduled until after May 15th
  • No patient will ever have any financial recourse for rescheduling their procedures.

We are constantly updating our services and staffing according to the local and national recommendations and will always place your health and well-being as our top priority.

We continue to exercise all the latest recommendations that are handed down by the CDC. When we reopen to patients, we will continue to follow these practices. These include:

  • Staff have been fully informed and trained to understand the disease process and its modes of transmission.
  • All staff, vendors and ancillary personnel are being asked to refrain from coming to this office if they have any signs or symptoms of a cold or an upper respiratory tract infection.
  • Every patient is also being asked to refrain from coming to the office if they have any symptoms.
  • We are asking our patients about any pertinent travel history.
  • Hand-washing continues to be the most important mode of prevention. Although it is a part of what we constantly do, now we are doing so with heightened vigilance and attention.
  • We have instituted a “no handshakes no hug” policy for now.
  • We have asked all vendors that any unnecessary meetings are canceled until further notice.
  • We are constantly sanitizing all surfaces. We have now vamped that up and our routine, multiple times a day, wiping down all surfaces, desks, door handles, keyboards and restroom facilities. We have assigned a person that does so on a constant basis.

Although Covid-19 is a serious issue, we strongly believe that it will pass and hopefully make our infrastructure and our ability to deal with pandemics in this Country even better than it currently is. We are monitoring this situation on a real-time basis and will not sit back until we know that we have done everything possible to avoid unnecessary exposure.

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