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Office Cancellation Policy

We are fortunate that the office has a high demand for patient appointments. Our office, as a policy, does not overbook and makes every attempt to create a schedule which will remain, in most instances, on time. In order to ensure that every patient has fair access to schedule a timely appointment, we have adopted the following policy towards last minute cancellations and no shows.

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We expect our patients to inform us in a timely manner of changes to their schedule. While your personal reasons may vary, the ultimate result of a late cancellation or no show is time that another patient was not given for their personal health needs.

For non-emergent circumstances, we expect 2 business day notice of cancellation for routine appointments. If compelling issues are present, please let the office know.

Failure to cancel your appointment in a timely manner will result in the following payment prior to rescheduling:

  • $50 late cancellation fee
  • $300 no-show fee


Procedures are often given a large block of time in order to be performed. Additional per diem staff is sometimes required for your procedure and implants or other materials are required to be purchased in advance. The office does require a deposit for any implants ordered on your behalf. However, no deposit is requested to hold your appointment.

We expect 7 business days notice of cancellation for all procedures. If compelling reasons are present, please let the office know.

Failure to cancel your procedure appointment in a timely manner will require the following payment prior to re-booking:

$500 late cancellation fee for insurance based procedures

50% late cancellation fee for cosmetic procedures

Thank you in adavance for your cooperation in this matter.


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