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Financing Options

How to pay for your cosmetic procedure

The cost of cosmetic facial procedures, and how to pay for them, is one of the most common questions asked when considering cosmetic surgery. Dr. Westreich performs a wide range of procedures, some of which may have a medical component. The office participates with many insurance companies and can accept insurance as partial payment for any combined medical/cosmetic surgery. Patients are encouraged to call the office to inquire about what may be covered by their health insurance plan.

Cosmetic procedures without a medical component can range from $250-$20,000 and more. Dr. Westreich prefers to give patients all of their options, as some procedures can be performed all at once for best results, and some may be better spread out throughout the year. It is the office policy to provide a full disclosure of how the fees break down into facility costs, anesthesia, consumables and cosmetic rates. This is often provided at the time of the consultation, while only general estimates can be given over the phone.

Financing can be an excellent way for patients to get the results they are looking for while staying within their budget needs. As a courtesy to our patients, we have partnered with United Medical Credit, one of the largest and most advanced providers of loans to cosmetic surgery patients. Our patients can fill out an online application form and immediately receive an answer for most loans. If you would like to find out now if you qualify for a plastic surgery loan, please click on the banner below. Our office also accepts Care Credit for those patients who already have a membership.

A thorough consultation with Dr. Westreich is available for all procedures. The cost of most consultations is $250 and is often applied towards the cosmetic procedure. Patients are encouraged to call the office and speak with the patient coordinator to see how we may assist you in reaching your goals.

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