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Brow Lift NYC

As time passes, a lifetime of expressions can become permanently etched in our skin. Rather than gracefully forgetting a furrowed brow, a temporary smile or raised eyebrows, our aging and less resilient skin begins to sag and retain these expression lines.

A sagging forehead, however, is not exclusively a problem of advanced age; lines in the forehead can appear early, making a younger face look older than it is. A worn forehead or glabella can also create a perpetual frown, which can contradict a calm or happy disposition. If you have issues with resting lines or tired looking eyes, you may want to consider a brow lift in NYC. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, can address a sagging brow, frown lines and forehead creases, making the face look more youthful and alert. Although a brow lift can be performed as a stand alone procedure, it is usually done in conjunction with our NYC blepharoplasty: a cosmetic surgery that removes excess eyelid skin and brightens drooping eyes.

Aging, gravity and exposure to the elements takes its toll on the facial features, and the eyebrows and forehead are no exception to this rule. These areas often lose their suppleness and elasticity, succumbing to drooping, wrinkling, folds, furrows and fine lines. Although the patient may still be vital and youthful, sagging eyebrows and a creased forehead can telegraph exhaustion, irritability and even anger. In certain cases, vision may even be impaired by low-hanging eyebrows.

Luckily there is a safe and effective procedure called a brow lift that can elevate, tighten, tone and reshape the eyebrows and forehead for a more relaxed, pleasant countenance. Puckering and muscle collapse are combatted while furrows are beautifully smoothed away with this ever popular cosmetic treatment. In Dr. Westreich’s skilled and seasoned hands, the brow lift is an excellent complement to eyelid surgery or a facelift in NYC, providing a more comprehensive improvement to the entire facial region.

The ideal candidate for a brow lift...

  • Is around 35 to 65
  • May be dealing with vision impairment due to sagging eyebrows
  • Is looking to enhance results from a successful blepharoplasty
  • Struggles with brow wrinkling, furrows, folds and creases that denote premature aging
  • Has realistic expectations for their surgical outcome
  • Is healthy, both mentally and physically, with no serious medical issues
NYC Brow Lift

The brow lift procedure with Dr. Westreich, New York

A brow lift can be performed using two basic techniques: the traditional lift and the endoscopic lift. The traditional lift requires an ear-to-ear incision to be made along the hairline, whereas the endoscopic lift involves 3-5 small incisions placed discreetly behind your hairline. Dr. Westreich prefers to use the endoscopic brow lift technique, which utilizes a small 4mm camera (the endoscope). Because the incisions are smaller, an endoscopic lift is less invasive than the traditional lift; thus, scarring is minimized and the recovery time is accelerated.

To perform a brow lift, Dr. Westreich will first administer general anesthesia and then make several tiny incisions strategically along the hairline. Next, he will insert the endoscope into one of the incisions; the small instrument provides Dr. Westreich with a detailed view so that he can gently lift, reposition and tighten the skin. The lifted skin is kept in place with dissolvable devices that hold the brow skin in an elevated position. Generally speaking, the procedure takes about 1-1½ hours to complete. However, if the work is extensive or if the brow lift is being done in combination with another surgical procedure, such as a blepharoplasty, it may take longer.

Coronal brow lift – This is a conventional method of lifting the forehead, with an incision created at the hairline stretching from ear to ear. Scarring tends to be well-hidden within the scalp. Through this incision, the doctor can lift the skin and tighten the muscles, for a more refreshed upper face appearance and a more relaxed smile.

Temporal brow lift – Small incisions are made at the temples during this version of the procedure, through which furrows, folds, wrinkles and creases can be addressed and improved. This technique tends to favor combination treatment with eyelid surgery.

Depending on the patient, Dr. Westreich may opt to complement a brow lift with a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, such as Botox and Dysport (injectable neuromuscular blocking agents) or Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse (injectable dermal fillers).

Your brow lift is performed at a private, accredited surgical facility where you will receive the very best in patient care from our friendly, board certified staff. Our outpatient center boasts advanced, state-of- the-art technology and equipment, along with cutting edge diagnostic and imaging software.

brow lift NYC

Recovery from a brow lift

New York City brow lift clients will find that Dr. Westreich’s conservative, nuanced technique allows them swift healing with minimal discomfort or downtime. Minor swelling, redness, and irritation are to be expected after surgery, but these symptoms are. easily addressed with pain medications issued by the doctor along with a cold compress placed upon the eyes. Be sure to keep the head elevated for the first week or so as swelling subsides.

Bandaging and stitches will be removed within 7-10 days, and most patients can resume normal activities such as work or school within two weeks. Clients should avoid rigorous exercise and intense contact with the sun for a few weeks after treatment, being careful to wear sunblock thereafter. Full results will be visible at approximately 30 days after surgery is complete."

Why choose Dr. Westreich for your brow lift?

Dr. Westreich, a double board certified surgeon in both facial plastic surgery and ear, nose and throat medicine, is known for a conservative approach that results in wonderfully natural outcomes. Most friends and family members will sense you look more rested and rejuvenated, but they will not be able to tell that you’ve had surgical work done. With the doctor’s nuanced, skillful touch, spontaneity in the expression is well-preserved, while flaws are expertly eradicated.

Dr. Westreich is also extremely conscious of instilling in his clients a sense of confidence that comes from knowledge. He is an advocate of patient education, and frequently contributes to peer-reviewed industry journals, helping to support advancements in his field. Additionally, he is sought out on a regular basis to appear in magazines, on talk shows and at lecture halls to offer guidance to members of the medical community.

Brow Lift In New York City

Brow Lift Consultation with Dr. Westreich, NYC

A brow lift is an excellent way to refresh your appearance, but it demands a subtle and skillful surgical approach. Cosmetic procedures on the forehead and upper face– a region that exhibits a range of facial expressions–are, by nature, delicate ones. If not done with care, brow lifts can produce an overdone and unnatural effect. Dr. Westreich has honed his surgical technique on upper-face procedures, perfecting a balanced method that yields dramatic, yet natural-looking results. If you are considering cosmetic surgery and would like to know if a brow lift is the right procedure for you, contact Dr. Westreich for a consultation on likely the best brow lift NYC has to offer.

During this initial session, the doctor will examine your anatomy, take down your medical history, and work with you to formulate the ideal treatment plan for your needs and lifestyle. The doctor can provide you with a library of before and after photographs that will help you to better visualize your results.


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