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Earlobe Repair NYC

An earlobe of normal size and proportion is often overlooked, but when an earlobe becomes elongated or enlarged due to the aging process, it can become a major cause of concern for some individuals. While you might not hear much about earlobe reduction surgery, it is actually a very commonly requested procedure among our New York patients.

Earlobe surgery is commonly performed on women whose earlobes have become stretched due to wearing heavy earrings. Over time, this can cause the fleshy portion of the lower ear to become elongated and floppy. The same effect can also be seen in some men and women who have never worn earrings. Gravity and the natural aging process seem to affect the earlobes of some people more than others. Volume loss in the earlobes can also be a cause.

If you suffer from disproportionate or elongated earlobes, you may wish to consider earlobe reduction surgery. This straightforward procedure can correct the size of your earlobes and subtly improve your overall facial appearance.

Ideal candidates for earlobe reduction

An ideal candidate for earlobe reduction surgery is someone whose earlobes are disproportionately larger than the rest of the ear. The earlobe skin may appear wider or longer than the average earlobe. Candidates should have realistic expectations and be in good overall health. Earlobe reduction surgery may also be combined with a facelift in NYC or other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Earlobe reduction procedure

Dr. Westreich typically performs earlobe reductions using local anesthesia, unless they are being performed in conjunction with a facelift or other surgical procedure. Once the area has been sufficiently numbed, Dr. Westreich will remove a portion of the earlobe skin, typically excising a wedge-shaped piece, and then suture the earlobe together. He usually can make the incisions in a natural fold or crease so that any temporary scarring is not visible after the ear has healed. In most cases, the resulting scar is not apparent to the casual observer.

Earlobe Repair NYC

Earlobe reduction recovery

The recovery following earlobe reduction surgery is relatively easy. Any discomfort can be managed with prescription or over-the-counter pain medications, as recommended by Dr. Westreich. After surgery, Dr. Westreich will place steri-strips and loose bandages around the ears to protect them. You will need to keep your ears dry for 48 hours, during which you won’t be able to wash your hair without assistance. You should avoid putting a phone to your ear and wearing tight-fitting clothes that need to be pulled over your head.

Bruising and swelling are not usually a concern, but if it occurs, it should subside by about 7-10 days after your surgery and you will be able to see your initial results. By 3 months you should have a very good idea of the results of your surgery, but your ears will continue to heal for up to a year. To avoid visible redness on the closure lines, it is very important that you protect your ears while in the sun by wearing a hat or sunscreen after your ears have healed for at least 6 months. If a piercing has been lost with the reduction procedure, re-piercing can occur 4-6 weeks later.

Torn earlobe repair in NYC

Small and unassuming, earlobes aren’t usually given much attention unless they are showcasing a glittering piece of jewelry – or have become damaged. Made up of soft skin and fatty tissue, the earlobe is a delicate part of the ear that is particularly susceptible to damage. When earlobes become split or torn, the only way to permanently correct the problem is through earlobe repair surgery. Our NYC earlobe repair procedure can restore earlobes to their original shape and allow the patient to wear their favorite earrings once again.

New York Earlobe Repair

Common causes of torn earlobes

In most cases, earlobes become torn as a result of wearing earrings. The tear may happen suddenly if the earring gets caught in clothing or pulled on by a child, or it may occur gradually over time. When women wear heavy earrings for many years, the earring hole may gradually stretch until the earlobe eventually splits. Less commonly, an earlobe may get torn as a result of a fight or other trauma.

Procedure to repair torn earlobes

A torn or split earlobe is a disfigurement than most people wish to correct. Fortunately, Dr. Westreich can safely and effectively repair earlobes through surgery. The surgery can be performed as an outpatient surgery in our New York office using local anesthesia only. Dr. Westreich utilizes a variety of techniques to repair the ear. Depending on the extent of the damage and the natural shape of your ear, he may excise damaged skin or repair it using sutures. Dr. Westreich will determine the most appropriate techniques to restore your earlobes during your initial consultation for your NYC torn earlobe repair surgery.

Earlobe Repair In NYC

Recovery following earlobe repair surgery

After the surgery, Dr. Westreich will place steri-strips and loose bandages around your ears to protect them. You will be able to return home on the same day as your surgery and can take pain medications as prescribed to manage discomfort. You should avoid getting your ears wet for the first 48 hours after surgery. Take care to protect your ears while they are healing – do not sleep on your side, pull tight shirts over your head, or press a phone against your ears during your recovery.

The entire healing process can take up to a year, but you will be able to see the initial results of your surgery within 7-10 days. At 3 months, your ears will appear healed, but subtle changes may continue to occur during the first year. It is important to protect the surgical site from the sun for the first 6 months so that visible redness in the closure line does not occur. Once the ears have completely healed, you can apply sunscreen to them. Until then, wear a hat or avoid going outside for prolonged periods of time. Re-piercing of the ears can be done 4-6 weeks after the initial repair.

Torn Earlobe Repair In NYC

Earlobe Reduction or Earlobe Repair Consultation with Dr. Westreich, NYC

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your earlobes, we encourage your to contact our office. You may be surprised to learn how such a small change can improve your appearance and self-esteem. When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Westreich, earlobe reduction and our earlobe repair in NYC are very safe procedures that can produce excellent results. Please contact our NYC office to set up your initial consultation.


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