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Eyelid Surgery New York

Dr. Westreich is a New York City cosmetic surgeon double board certified in ENT medicine and facial plastic surgery.

He has a reputation for offering among the finest eyelid surgery throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the greater New York area and beyond. His clients come from all backgrounds and are of all ages, but have one thing in common. They seek stunning yet subtle eyelid results that complement the rest of the features and enhance the facial expression while preserving spontaneity. To learn more about your NYC eyelid surgery, contact Dr. Westreich’s office today.

Upper eyelid lift

Aging and gravity can greatly influence the appearance of the upper eyelids, causing them to sag and lose their elasticity. This can lead to a fatigued, disgruntled facial expression, and in some cases may even impair vision. At his Manhattan practice, Dr. Westreich can adjust the upper lids through a conservative, detailed technique that will restore a youthful gaze with minimal invasiveness and reduced downtime. In some cases a brow lift may be performed in tandem with upper eyelid surgery for a more comprehensive makeover of the upper face.

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Lower eyelid surgery

As the eye muscles gradually become weaker and the skin loses its resilience, the lower eyelids can become puffy and discolored. This is commonly referred to as “bags under the eyes”. A diminished store of collagen, the body’s protein responsible for youthfulness, may also play a role. While non-surgical methods may be helpful – and Dr. Westreich does offer these at his NYC office – in most cases only surgery will correct the lower eyelid problem. Wrinkles, folds and excess fat are removed, as attractiveness and self-confidence are restored. Lower eyelid surgery can be performed on its own, or in tandem with additional procedures such as upper eyelid surgery, a facelift or a brow lift.

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Asian eyelid surgery/Double eyelid surgery

Asian patients typically suffer from a single eyelid, also called a monolid. Here the goal is to create a double eyelid, which has the effect of elongating and opening the eye for a more attractive, engaged facial expression. New York City-based physician Dr. Westreich will select the best method of incision based on your unique anatomy, surgical history and express wishes and goals. Additionally, Dr. Westreich offers revision Asian eyelid surgery for those who are unhappy with their original results.

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Brow lift

Just as the eyelids may require a lift, the eyebrows can also sag, droop and distort both vision and facial expression. Excessive wrinkling or creasing of the forehead can give the impression of chronic irritability. Through a safe, effective procedure known as a brow lift, the upper face can be restored to a friendly, youthful countenance. A brow lift is a perfect complement to any type of our eyelid surgeries in New York, as these two procedures will lead to comprehensive changes for the entire facial region. The doctor will choose from an endoscopic brow lift, a coronal brow lift, or a temporal brow lift. The benefits and drawbacks of each method will be discussed during your initial consultation.

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Functional blepharoplasty

In addition to his cosmetic procedures for the upper and lower eyelids, Dr. Westreich offers treatment for the functional aspect of the eyes. Sagging or drooping eyelids may interfere with one’s ability to see properly, negatively affecting everyday activities such as driving, playing sports or even caring for one’s children. Functional eyelid surgery can be performed to correct vision issues, repairing and reshaping the lids with a minimally invasive technique that preserves the patient’s unique appearance and cultural identity. Any cosmetic improvement is generally considered a by-product of functional blepharoplasty and not its primary goal.

Ptosis repair

The word ptosis refers to a condition where the eyelids are drooping lower than is ideal for the patient’s aesthetic goals, or in some cases, lower than they should for proper functioning. Watery eyes, excessive tearing and worsened vision can be symptoms of eyelid ptosis. The condition can be a result of the aging process, or it can also be an ailment that began at birth. Sometimes, an excess of fat and skin in the eyelid is the cause of the ptosis. Whether he is operating on one eyelid or all four, Dr. Westreich can perform innovative and life-changing ptosis repair that leads to an excellent outcome, both functionally and cosmetically. Sometimes the doctor will opt to perform a brow lift in combination with ptosis repair, especially in cases where the brows are contributing to impaired vision.

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Eyelid malposition surgery

When the upper or lower eyelids are positioned in an abnormal way, it is referred to as eyelid malposition, or simply “bad position”. This unfortunate condition can impede vision, interfere with the tear ducts, and cause the appearance to be unattractive and even disconcerting. Eyelid malposition may also cause mild to severe discomfort in the eyes, and should therefore be surgically addressed as soon as possible. With his conservative yet effective technique, Dr. Westreich is able to reposition, realign and reshape the eyelids for a more aesthetically pleasing and functional role in the upper face.

Eyelid surgery NYC

Taking the next step

If you have decided you are interested in our eyelid surgery in New York and wish to learn whether the procedure is right for your needs, simply schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Westreich in the warmth and privacy of his Manhattan office and he will be happy to discuss the treatment with you in depth.

During this initial session, the doctor will examine your eyelids, schedule vision testing if needed, take down your medical records, including all medications, previous surgeries and health conditions, answer your questions, and begin to create a personalized treatment plan geared towards your unique anatomical needs and goals. The doctor may also recommend additional procedures such as a brow lift or facelift to complement and enhance your blepharoplasty outcome.


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