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Facial Implants in NYC

Enhance Your Profile with Facial Implants

In cases where the chin or cheekbones lack definition or require enhancement, facial implants may present a dynamic solution. Cheekbones can be augmented to create balance with the rest of the facial features, or a weak chin can be corrected to harmonize with a newly sculpted nose. Dr. Westreich is able to effortlessly combine facial implant surgery in NYC with rhinoplasty or our facelifts or other procedures for a more comprehensive overall transformation.

What are the benefits of facial implants?

  • Enhances chin and cheekbone definition
  • Harmonizes facial features for balance
  • Natural, undetectable results
  • Boosts confidence with personalized precision

Am I a candidate for facial implants?

  • Desire for a refined and harmonious profile
  • Experiencing a weak chin or flat cheekbones
  • Non-smoker or willing to quit
  • Good overall health and realistic expectations

Why select Dr. Westreich for facial implant surgery?

With a double board certification in facial plastic surgery and ENT medicine, Dr. Westreich has devoted his career to perfecting the human appearance above the neck. His meticulous attention to detail, consummate artistry and extensive training in facial cosmetic techniques sets him apart as among the most qualified surgeons in NYC to perform facial implant surgery. He is keenly aware of creating a natural result that cannot be detected, yet is subtly noticed by friends, family and co-workers as being a wonderful, welcomed improvement.

Undergoing facial implant surgery

Most of the time the procedure will be performed under general anesthesia, although twilight sedation is also an option in some cases. This can be discussed in-depth during your consultation so that you and the doctor arrive at the most comfortable scenario for your needs. Facial implant surgery typically lasts 1-3 hours, as surgical time will depend greatly on whether additional procedures such as blepharoplasty, facelift or rhinoplasty are being performed in tandem.

The chin implant – An incision is created submentally (under the chin), or within the lining of the gums. Rest assured that Dr. Westreich will always seek to pursue the most minimally invasive surgical technique that requires the least amount of scarring. Once a small pocket is formed, the implant is placed within and adjusted to complement the rest of the face. The doctor will then suture the opening and the healing process can begin.

The cheek implant – When a client is undergoing blepharoplasty, facelift or a brow lift, incisions used in these procedures can be reused for facial implant surgery. This minimizes scarring and downtime significantly, and the combination treatment can also be more cost-effective. If cheek implant surgery is performed alone, the incisions will be placed either underneath the eyes, or within the upper mouth. Once a carefully formed pocket is created, the doctor will then slide the cheek implants into place, suture the openings and dress the wounds to reduce post-operative swelling.

Recuperating from facial implant surgery

While some mild pain, discomfort and swelling is to be expected, most clients can expect to manage post-operative pain quite easily through medications prescribed by Dr. Westreich. Most symptoms will evaporate within 7-10 days. Rigorous exercise should be avoided at first to give the face time to properly heal. A liquid diet may also be recommended so that the client can avoid irritating the jaw muscles. Results will be visible right away, but once the swelling has died down six weeks later, you will be able to discern the most prominent changes.

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Facial Implants Consultation with Dr. Westreich, NYC

The initial step in pursuing facial implants is to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Westreich in the welcoming comfort and privacy of his New York City office. During this time, the doctor will examine your anatomy, photograph you, answer questions, explore your medical and surgical history, and begin to create a personalized treatment plan. In order to assist you in better visualizing your outcomes, the doctor will provide you access to a vast library of before and after photographs, as well as advanced computer imaging software, which can project a version of your post-surgical aesthetics.


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