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Mini Facelift

A mini facelift, as performed by Dr. Westreich, is essentially a milder version of our NYC facelift surgery. The intention of the procedure is to give the patient a younger, tighter, and refreshed look.

Using similar techniques to a standard face lift surgery, Dr. Westreich will target unsightly sagging that is concentrated around your cheeks, jawline, and forehead. Such sagging can take a significant toll on your overall appearance, and can make you look aged, tired, and stressed. Because the mini facelift in NYC is less invasive and requires less downtime than the traditional face lift, the mini facelift is often referred to as a “weekend facelift.” You will have years wiped off your face in a few days.

Mini Facelift vs. Traditional Facelift in New York City

Mini Face lift Traditional Face lift
Average Candidate Age Range The majority of candidates are between 40-50 years old Candidates can range from anywhere between 40 and 70+ years of age
Surgery Time(varies on patient-to-patient basis) Approx. 1-2 hours Approx. 3-4 hours
Anesthesia? Yes, typically local anesthesia with sedation is administered Yes, either general or local anesthesia with sedation is administered
Recovery Period Patients only need to take about 3-5 days off work/their daily routine; Swelling should largely subside within 4-7 days; Full recovery occurs between 2-3 weeks Patients are advised to plan to take off about 7-10 days from work/daily routine; Swelling can last up to two weeks; Full Recovery by 4 Weeks
Results Visible results for up to 5-7 years, depending on upkeep and particular skin quality Visible results for 10 + years, depending on upkeep and particular skin quality

The Ideal Candidates for a Mini Facelift in NYC

The procedure can make a patient look up to 5-10+ years younger, rejuvenating both the way you look and the way you feel. If anti-aging dermatological procedures are also part of your rejuvenation strategy, a mini facelift would fall somewhere between injectable fillers like Botox and Restylane and the more invasive, traditional facelift. The mini facelift involves shorter incisions, less anesthesia, and fewer risks. It is also a good option for patients who are wary of the implications of a more traditional surgery or who do not have as much time to devote to the recovery period.

Although Dr. Westreich is very attentive to reduce signs of residual scarring, a mini facelift offers less potential for such unsightly scarring. Because the incisions are smaller with a mini facelift, scarring is of less concern when seeking a mini facelift over a traditional facelift. As always, Dr. Westreich does his best to ensure that your results are natural and that there are no obvious signs of any work done by hiding the points of incision at certain angles and behind the hairline.

Also, a mini facelift is often a more affordable option for patients who want a smaller financial commitment; patients can save thousands of dollars by opting in for the mini facelift. The friendly staff at Dr. Westreich’s office is more than happy to assist you in setting up your consultation, surgery and post-operative follow-up appointments.

As expected, a mini facelift does not yield the same results as a full facelift. It is intended mainly for patients who have more moderate signs of aging and who are looking for a less intense procedure to soften facial wrinkling and lift sagging skin. Dr. Westreich often recommends the mini facelift to patients who show mild signs of aging and minor skin laxity. Moreover, because the mini facelift is a smaller-scale facelift, sagginess around the neck is not addressed as much in this type of procedure. If you are looking to tighten a moderate amount of loose skin below the jawline, Dr. Westreich's traditional NYC facelift surgery might be a better option to explore.

Mini Facelift with FaceTite

Mini Facelift with FaceTite Facelift Surgery
Minimally invasive treatment Surgical procedure
No scarring Minimal scarring
Results typically last about 5 years Results typically last about 10 years
Minimal downtime, 3-7 days About 10-14 days of downtime

Dr. Westreich is at the forefront of technology and employs FaceTite by Invasix to perform a mini facelift to his patients. Various factors such as smoking, sun exposure, genetics, time, and gravity all take a toll on the neck and face. You could have facial and neck skin that looks much older than you feel inside, which can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. To restore a more youthful, fresh appearance, some choose to undergo our NYC facelift surgery, which is invasive and involves a significant period of recovery. Thankfully a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment is now available: FaceTite. FaceTite is a treatment using a specific type of radiofrequency energy that can target specific areas of the face to tighten and restore skin.

A Minimally-Invasive Procedure for a Mini Facelift

FaceTite offers a minimally-invasive approach to improving the appearance of sagging facial skin. The entire procedure takes only 40 minutes at most, and involves no incisions. Many patients see results immediately, and as the days pass, with new collagen forming, the facial skin continues to improve in quality and firmness for three to eight weeks. FaceTite is an option to treat the skin in any area above the shoulders, and a recommended treatment for neck, brow, cheeks, eyes, forehead, mouth, jawline and jowls.

As FaceTite is a minimally-invasive procedure, recovery time is far shorter than with surgery. Patients can expect the treated area to be slightly tender and swollen for about five days. Most patients can return to work and their regular activities within seven to ten days.

Best Facelift NYC

Is FaceTite Safe?

FaceTite is one of the industry’s safest facial rejuvenating procedures. Without the need for incisions and other invasive techniques and the risks of potential complications and lengthy recovery times, many people have turned to this advanced treatment to restore and rejuvenate the face and neck. The radiofrequency technology used for FaceTite is the same as what is used in an MRI test, and these tests have been safely performed for years. The purpose of FaceTite is to treat the skin of the face and neck without causing cellular damage to the tissues.

Am I a Candidate for FaceTite?

If you have mild to moderate loose skin around the neck and face, and you do not want to undergo invasive surgery, FaceTite may be the perfect solution. Before having the procedure, a consultation with Dr. Westreich will ensure that you are a candidate for this treatment. In general, if you have any of the following, FaceTite could be the answer:

  • Unhappy with the appearance of your facial skin
  • Loose or saggy skin on neck and face
  • Looking older than you feel
  • Skin appears tired and has lost its youthful “glow”

FaceTite Consultation with Dr. Westreich

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your facial skin or feel that wrinkles, creases, lines, and sagging skin make you look older than you feel, we invite you to get in touch with us at our New York clinic and schedule a private consultation. This is your first step to achieving your aesthetic goals, and your opportunity to speak with Dr. Westreich about your hopes, expectations, and aesthetic goals, as well as get your questions answered about the FaceTite procedure. Dr. Westreich and the entire staff at New Face have made it a priority to help our patients feel comfortable. As a double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Westreich possesses the high-level qualifications to give you full confidence that your treatment will be performed by a medical professional who is at the top in his field of practice.

Best Facelift NYC

Mini Facelift Consultation with Dr. Westreich, NYC

Dr. Westreich is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon and, as one of the most highly-ranked doctors in the city, is more than qualified to perform your mini NYC facelift. During your initial consultation appointment, he will evaluate your anatomy and will make an honest recommendation about which path to take. As with any procedure or surgery he performs, Dr. Westreich’s main concern is to make you feel confident and satisfied with your results. He will be there with you along every step of the way, and the office will be there to support you in the pre and post-operative periods. If you are considering either a mini or traditional facelift, contact our office to make an appointment at our New York City location.


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