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Mohs Reconstruction NYC

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the most advanced and effective treatment procedure for skin cancer available today. The Mohs technique can precisely identify and remove the entire malignant lesion layer by layer while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact.

As the damaged skin layers are removed, each tissue layer is examined under a microscope for signs of cancer. When a cancer-free sample is reached, the procedure is complete. This layer-by-layer removal of cells helps ensure that the healthy tissue surrounding the cancerous lesion is preserved and scarring is minimized.

Although Mohs surgery can help reduce the chances of permanent scarring, some individuals may develop a notable defect after excision. Patients with large cancerous lesions and certain skin types tend to be more prone to scarring. For those who have a high risk of scarring, New York-based facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich can perform Mohs reconstruction in NYC, a specialized procedure that can improve the appearance a post-surgical disfigurement.

How is the procedure performed?

Mohs reconstruction surgery is a coordinated effort between Dr. Westreich and the patient’s dermatologist. The reconstruction method will depend on the extent of the cancer and the severity of the post-surgical wound. Sometimes a straight-forward closure of the wound will suffice.

In more complex cases, Dr. Westreich will employ sophisticated reconstruction techniques. He may rearrange the tissue, using a local skin flap or graft skin. The choice of flap or donor site for a skin graft can have a significant impact on the quality of the reconstructive outcome.

What is the recovery process?

In most cases, Mohs reconstructive surgery does not require a hospital stay. Although patients can return to normal activities within a couple of days, they are advised to refrain from strenuous activity until the sutures are removed (within 5-7 days). The skin will continue to heal over the course of a few weeks.

mohs reconstrction

Mohs Reconstruction Surgery with Dr. Westreich, NYC

Dr. Westreich is recognized nationally as a top plastic surgeon who specializes in Mohs reconstruction in NYC and skin surgery. If you are concerned about a post-surgical damage and scarring after skin cancer removal, contact Dr. Westreich to schedule a comprehensive consultation.


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