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Neck Lift in New York

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, also known as platysmaplasty, is a surgery intended to eliminate extra skin that is loose and hanging from below the chin area. It is different than a facelift, in that skin incisions around the ear are minimized or eliminated, based on the degree of skin excess in each individual patient. Patients having facelift surgery often will have a neck lift at the same time, but many patients having a neck lift will not need any additional facial surgery.

Extra skin concentrated in the neck can make a person look aged or heavier than they actually are. Dr. Westreich will re-define your jawline and neckline, giving a more feminine, delicate look for women and a more masculine, chiseled look for men. Let Dr. Westreich boost your self-perception. You no longer have to feel embarrassed of loose skin under your neck or attempt to hide your baggy skin with clothing or scarves.

Types of Neck Lifts in New York

There are various approaches that Dr. Westreich can take when performing a neck lift on a patient. The goal is, essentially, to tighten skin that has lost its elasticity due to aging, genetics, or other environmental factors and to correct excess fat or muscle bands that can add to loss of neck contour. Still, there are several means to this goal, each with unique methods and skills that Dr. Westreich has come to master.

  • Neck liposuction

    This type of neck lift is relatively common and is most effective to treat patients whose skin has become progressively loose over the years. The procedure will be performed by Dr. Westreich in under an hour and you will be sedated with local anesthesia to put you at ease during your treatment. Neck liposuction involves a minimal incision strategically placed below the chin and behind the ears, through which the excess fat will be extracted and the remaining skin tightened during the natural healing process. Additional skin tightening can be achieved with non-invasive laser treatments to the face or chin implants, when needed for support and structure.

  • Botox / other injections

    Botox, though most commonly used to treat wrinkling, can be used by Dr. Westreich to modify a patient’s neck that appears full due to muscle bands. The injection works by relaxing the neck muscles, most often the root of the problem.

  • Combination neck lift

    Oftentimes, patients seek Dr. Westreich’s expertise in neck lift surgery in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as a chin implant or a facelift. A combination neck lift is most recommended for patients who are hoping to see dramatic results that will improve the definition of the entire area and that are potentially life-altering. Given the broadness of a combination neck lift, the surgery is relatively more invasive but also more rewarding.


Neck Lift New York


Neck Lift in NYC

Candidates for
Neck Lift

Our New York neck lift has the ability to eliminate heavy, burdensome skin that has accumulated as the patient has aged. A loss in skin elasticity is completely normal and even expected as a person grows older. Thankfully, Dr. Westreich is fully certified to address all your concerns regarding toning and re-structuring your neck to restore the appearance of youth, making you feel lighter and more comfortable in your skin. Most patients who consult Dr. Westreich about undergoing a platysmaplasty have given the topic much earlier thought. The procedure is considered to be a safe solution for both men and women, most often within the age range of 45-60. Though the requirements for a neck lift are relatively few, it is very important that the patient is in good overall health before committing to a neck lift surgery.

Techniques by Dr. Westreich


Neck lift in New York


NYC Neck Lift

Fig. 1– This before-and-after picture of a past patient of Dr. Westreich shows the potential of a neck lift in NYC. The patient had a neck lift performed in conjunction with a facelift (a combination neck lift), in order to maximize her results and erase years off her face. As you can see, the after picture shows minimized signs of aging and wrinkling, as well as a more defined neckline that appears entirely natural.

Throughout his experience in the field, Dr. Westreich has learned to enhance the results of each neck lift surgery he conducts by using particular, case-by-case techniques. For example, he may suggest that a patient opt in for chin implants during their neck lift for a more natural look. The implants will make your profile look more balanced, and help in the overall shape of your neck.

Or, Dr. Westreich may recommend a laser resurfacing treatment. Using this technology, Dr. Westreich can most precisely target the areas with relatively more laxity around the neck and face. The method is minimally-invasive and has a short, easy healing process.

New York Neck Lift

Neck Lift Consultation with Dr. Westreich

Dr. Westreich is known among his past patients as being a “team” player. He wants the best for you as you embark on this journey to change how you look and feel about yourself, and is excited to be able to guide you on your way. Your initial consultation appointment is your time with Dr. Westreich. You can ask any questions or address any concerns you have regarding moving forward with the surgery and are encouraged to be completely open about what you are hoping to achieve from your neck lift. Dr. Westreich will advise you every step of the way, so that you feel at ease in his care from start to finish. Our office is conveniently located in the Upper East Side of New York City, but patients from across the country visit Dr. Westreich to seek his expert opinion. To schedule a consultation appointment, call us today at 646.884.9562.

Benefits of
a Neck Lift

  • Tightens the underlying muscle to give you a firmer and more contoured appearance
  • Reduces loose or hanging skin tissue to give the appearance of weight loss
  • Pulls your skin tighter to smoothen folds, wrinkles and lines
  • Produces results that, beyond certain ages, you often can’t accomplish with a balanced diet or regular exercise
  • Gives you a more youthful, taut, and fresh silhouette
  • Incisions are well-hidden in the hairline or under the chin, so they’re not readily visible
  • Recovery process is straightforward and manageable
  • Improves your confidence significantly

Neck Lift
Recovery Process

You can expect a little soreness and tightness around the neck after the procedure. The surgeon will prescribe some pain medication to manage the pain and discomfort. You may also experience numbness, swelling, bruising, and a tingling sensation for a few hours or days, but these side-effects will be minimal and temporary.

You will be provided a full post-op recovery brief and should follow the surgeon’s advice and recommendations closely for the smoothest possible recovery. You should typically begin walking as soon as possible to encourage smooth blood circulation to the neck, reduce swelling, and prevent blood clot formation.

Neck lift patients should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for an extended period after the procedure. Smoking and alcohol delay the healing process and increases the risk of complications. You should also avoid heavy exercises, excessive sun exposure, heavy housework, sexual activities, steam baths, saunas, hair dyes, or laser treatments until cleared for these by your surgeon, which usually occurs within 2 to 4 weeks.

Most patients can resume their daily activities and work within two to three weeks. You should be able to resume work-from-home within a few days, along with light housework, but should wait at least two weeks before you resume all regular activities. The recovery process is different for each individual. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns throughout recovery.

The Cost of
a Neck Lift

The cost of a neck lift depends on several factors, such as the anesthesia fees, hospital costs, medical tests, surgical garments, surgeon’s fees, and your specific requirements. However, the overall cost of a neck lift typically starts at $5,000 and may exceed $10,000. As neck lifts are an elective cosmetic producer, they are not covered by medical insurance.

Neck Lift FAQs

How old is too old for a neck lift?

There is no specific age that determines eligibility for a platysmaplasty. The median age of patients seeking a neck lift is typically 40-55, but this is a rough estimate and is in no means limiting. The main factor when assessing whether a patient is a candidate for a neck lift is to ascertain that they are in good overall health. As long as Dr. Westreich confirms that your body can handle the implications of a neck lift surgery due to your past and current medical state, age should make no difference in your decision.

How long is the recovery after a neck lift?

Dr. Westreich advises that his patients plan to take off about 10 days from their daily routine in order to ensure that their neck is healing properly and that they have had enough time to relax and recover after surgery.

Will I have to have another neck lift down the road?

Ideally, a single neck lift will treat your excess skin for many years to come. However, skin is bound to lose elasticity over time, which may mean that the results of your neck lift can be compromised in the long-run. Dr. Westreich does his best to ensure that your neck lift is effective for as long as possible, so that you do not really have to worry about additional procedures that may follow.

Where will the scar be for my neck lift?

Dr. Westreich understands that his patients want to ensure that there are no visible signs of their neck lift surgery. The incision used during your neck lift, typically under the chin, will be pre-calculated so that onlookers will not be able to readily identify any scarring.

How long does a neck lift last?

Results of your neck lift performed by Dr. Westreich can last years, but an exact answer varies largely from person-to-person. Depending on how well you take care of your body, particularly through maintaining a proper diet and exercise routine, the longevity of your results can be impacted. In most cases, can “last” a patient up to 10 years. If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation for arguably the best neck lift New York has to offer.


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