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Mrs. G had a significant nasal injury resulting in a fracture of her nasal bones and septum. While not interested in cosmetic rhinoplasty, she realized that her nose required straightening in order to correct her airway completely. Due to the multiple areas of deviation, both internal and external, she chose to have a Polish rhinoplasty deviation correction. A complex septoplasty involving 2 septal splint grafts, a right spreader graft, a left PDS plate septal implant was performed. Nasal bone straightening (osteotomies) and a left Subalar graft corrected the upper and lower nasal deviations. Polish Rhinoplasty is a hybrid procedure designed for patients who have breathing obstruction and deviated noses, but have only modest cosmetic goals. It combines aspects of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty and Foundation Rhinoplasty in order to maximize functional outcomes and achieve modest improvements in appearance. In the case of Mrs. G, substantial straightening of the outer nose, slight reduction in profile, and complete functional rehabilitation were all achieved well beyond her pre-operative expectations.

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