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Our skin is one of the most fascinating and vulnerable organs of the body, constantly working to protect us from stress, aging, hormonal changes and the negative influence of the harmful sun rays and other wear and tear from the environment. Women have traditionally sought out professional skincare in the past, but today more and more men are realizing that a radiant, youthful complexion can have many positive effects, both socially and at the workplace.

Non-surgical injectable therapies, such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing agents, have increased in popularity in recent years. At first glance it may seem that all injectable treatments achieve results in a similar way. However, these non-invasive options can be quite distinct. Unlike dermal fillers, which plump the skin, wrinkle relaxers halt the formation of lines by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles. As a result, creases and expression lines are smoothed out, giving a more youthful finish. The appropriate use of wrinkle relaxers is an art; a precise balance between movement and wrinkle reduction should be achieved from the treatment. When this balance is present, patients will avoid the artificial frozen look, and just appear more refreshed.

While Dr. Westreich is mostly known for his beautiful results in plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, facial implants and facelift surgery. He believes beautiful, healthy skin is also crucial in achieving an overall healthy and youthful appearance. Beautiful skin is not just a luxury, but an inalienable right. To this end he has worked with his experienced aesthetician to create an outstanding skincare regimen, including customized medical facials to address the tone and texture concerns of all skin types. Unlike at-home skincare products, the in-office facial uses more potent ingredients and more comprehensive delivery methods, providing results that continue to please long after the procedure.

Customized Facials

Those clients suffering from skin sensitivity, acne or acne scarring have often tried many treatments in the past. When meeting the aesthetician in Dr. Westreich’s practice, you will find that each treatment plan is prepared specifically for your skin. Exfoliating is a crucial step in skin maintenance but should be performed differently based on skin types and conditions. Exfoliating facials lift the outermost layer of skin debris, makeup and buildup to reveal your naturally beautiful complexion underneath. Wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration and blemishes are subtly reduced, letting a youthfulness shine through, regardless of age. Radiofrequency, light therapy, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, antioxidants and multivitamins are just some of the therapies used to provide treatment.

Choosing the best provider for your skincare

While today’s marketplace offers an exciting array of day spas and casual opportunities to undergo skincare treatments, it’s important to select a provider based on their track record with clients, their credentials, and their medical training. As a double board certified surgeon in facial plastic surgery and ENT medicine, Dr. Westreich is personally involved in selecting top of the line equipment and creating safe, effective protocols that he can stand behind. Patients can feel secure knowing that his experienced, and New York State-licensed aesthetician provides the type of detail-oriented treatments they want and has the clinical expertise necessary to ensure your utmost safety during the procedure. Unlicensed or non-credentialed practitioners may provide services at lower costs, but these shortcuts come with a heavy price – a lack of peace of mind.

facials NYC

Skincare Consultation with Dr. Westreich, NYC

Patients will meet our aesthetician for an initial consultation in Dr. Richard Westreich’s welcoming office space in New York City, where she will conduct a detailed skin analysis. Topics such as your diet, medications and current skincare regimen will be discussed, along with your general self-care rituals such as wearing sunblock and abstaining from smoking. During this time, patients can express their specific skin issues and leave with a comprehensive strategy developed to uniquely address your specific goals, lifestyle, and budget while targeting your skin’s strengths and weaknesses.


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