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Male Rhinoplasty NYC

While we typically don’t associate men with plastic surgery, males are among the fastest growing group to seek out image improvement. Over one million men underwent cosmetic procedures as of five years ago. Aging, competition in the workplace and the desire to attract a mate may all play a role in their decision, but the bottom line is that plastic surgery is for all people, regardless of gender or background.

Male rhinoplasty NYC is performed for those unhappy with the shape, size or general appearance of their nose. It is also performed to fix structural issues that may interfere with proper breathing. While women often seek to minimize the nose, many men desire a stronger, more masculine profile and may opt for augmentation techniques. Dr. Westreich is well-versed in both nasal reduction and nasal enhancement, and can provide you with exquisitely natural, nuanced results.

A good candidate for male rhinoplasty...

  • Is at least 16 years old, or has experienced the final stages of nasal growth
  • Is healthy, physically and mentally
  • Has realistic expectations for improvement rather than perfection
  • Desires changes to the bridge, tip or nostrils
  • Desires structural changes to improve breathing and sleeping
  • Suffers from nasal deformities, injuries or a broken nose
  • Seeks renewed self-confidence and social ease
male rhinoplasty NYC


New York City Male Rhinoplasty


Why select Dr. Westreich for male rhinoplasty?

For Dr. Westreich, a successful procedure is not about creating a generic nose, or even a generically masculine nose. It is about achieving balance and harmony in the features, and arriving at an aesthetically pleasing profile that expresses the individuality of the client. To this end, Dr. Westreich may suggest a chin implant or another additional procedure that may help to obtain more comprehensive results. Additionally, Dr. Westreich is an expert at ethnic rhinoplasty, and will never seek to Westernize your nose job, unless that is specifically what you ask for.

Dr. Westreich’s practice thrives on openness, honesty and transparency. He favors an environment where extensive questioning and answers can occur, and he is an advocate for patient education. The doctor is frequently called upon to educate the public and other doctors as well through the channels of peer-reviewed journals, television, radio and the lecture circuit. He is devoted to sharing his knowledge and experience with the medical community and with his patients, so that they might make the most informed decisions moving forward.

Male Rhinoplasty

How do I get started with male rhinoplasty?

Your first step is to schedule a discreet consultation with Dr. Westreich in the privacy and comfort of his NYC office. There he will examine your nose, record your medical history and prior surgeries, if any, go over any health concerns, and begin to formulate a road map for achieving your aesthetic goals. Before and after photographs of previous clients can help you to visualize the possibilities available to you. In addition, advanced 3D model creation can assist in giving you a more concrete idea of what to expect from your surgery. Most clients find that after the consultation process they are fully prepared to move forward, having all their questions regarding the procedure, recovery and financing answered in depth.

Rhinoplasty technique

Dr. Westreich is known for a sophisticated closed procedure which minimizes post-operative pain, and hides scarring within the nose itself. While this is not possible with strictly every case, the majority of clients will find that a closed technique will meet their needs, no matter how complex. It’s also important to note that Dr. Westreich will never over-operate or aggressively reduce nasal cartilage or bone, which may lead to the need for revision rhinoplasty in the future. On the contrary, the doctor is painstakingly conservative in his approach so as to deliver long-lasting results to his happy clients. See if arguably the best male rhinoplasty NYC has to offer is right for you.


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