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Rhinoplasty for Dorsal Hump | Dr. Richard Westreich Rhinoplasty for Dorsal Hump | Dr. Richard Westreich Rhinoplasty for Dorsal Hump | Dr. Richard Westreich


Rhinoplasty for
Dorsal Hump

What are dorsal humps?

Dorsal humps refer to cartilage and irregularities of the nasal bones that cause a hump. Rather than having a straight sloped nose, an individual’s nose becomes bridged. Dorsal humps does not cause any health issue, however some people choose to forgo the bump on their nose and opt for an operation to correct it. Causes of dorsal hump include:

  • Genetics. Some people inherit the condition. Genetically inherited dorsal hump doesn’t often appear during childhood, but tends to become more visible during puberty.
  • Trauma. Injury on the nose may result in the development of a dorsal hump.

Rhinoplasty of dorsal hump techniques

Correction options for a dorsal hump include both surgical and non-surgical options.

  • Open Rhinoplasty. Classical rhinoplasty surgery is the standard method that allows permanent removal of a dorsal hump. During the procedure, the patient goes under general anesthesia, and the surgeon makes an incision that provides a full view of the cartilage beneath the skin. The clear view allows the surgeon to reshape the contour, resetting the bones to a position that improves their shape. After surgery, the patient’s nose is covered by a splint for a week. The bandage provides a conducive environment for the nose to recover.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty. During a closed rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon performs the surgery through the nostrils without visible incisions. Through the nostrils, the surgeon can modify the bones. Closed rhinoplasty tends less time to heal compared to open rhinoplasty.
  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty. Results obtained from non-surgical rhinoplasty last between six months to 2 years. The procedure requires only topical anesthesia and less than an hour to complete.

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