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Rhinoplasty Recovery & Post-Op | Dr. Richard Westreich Rhinoplasty Recovery & Post-Op | Dr. Richard Westreich Rhinoplasty Recovery & Post-Op | Dr. Richard Westreich


Recovery & Post-Op

Rhinoplasty Recovery and Post-op

Postoperative recovery from rhinoplasty tends to be slightly different for every patient in terms of recovery length and degree of discomfort, however, there are several aspects of it that each patient will experience. After surgery, the patient wears a nasal splint for a week, and applies cold compresses to the nose and doesn’t participate in intense physical activities, sports, etc. The first few days tend to be the most uncomfortable so the patient is often prescribed pain medication. After removal of the bandages and splint, most patients resume their regular daily routine with confidence and comfort, yet carry on paying attention that the nose isn’t subjected to anything that could impact or affect it throughout its full healing process.

Swelling and bruising during rhinoplasty recovery

The recovery process also entails swelling and bruising that occurs around the eyes, and possibly frequent headaches, depending on the body of the patient and the type of rhinoplasty performed. For most patients, bruising dissipates within seven days and mild to moderate pain is mitigated with pain medication.

How long does it take to heal completely?

As each patient is unique, the healing period will vary. Patients may experience mild sensitivity or a mild swell for up to six months after surgery, however beyond the first 2 weeks, the mild swell is likely to be only noticeable to your and your rhinoplasty surgeon (due to your visual perspective passing over the nose, and the surgeon’s own familiarity with your nose and indicators of mild swelling in general), while the majority of any swelling visible to others will have nicely subsided. During this period, the patient is advised to sleep with their head elevated and to attend regular appointments with the office to ensure the healing process completes smoothly. For most patients, the full results of the procedure become visible after three months.


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