You don’t have to be stuck with the lips nature gave. You can add volume, create an attractive “cupid’s bow,” get heart-shaped lips, pouty lips, or a plump lower lip. In fact, lip augmentation is a national obsession – but it must be done right. Most of us have seen the results of overfilled lips – it’s scary. Choose your plastic surgeon right!

The Art of Lip Augmentation

To produce the perfect pout for the individual requires an artistic eye, along with a depth of knowledge of the full range of injectables. As with any facial procedure, ensuring you communicate exactly what you want is a critical point in a successful lip augmentation. While bringing a photo of what you envision can be helpful, realize that your lips and your facial structure are probably very unlike the individual in the photo. Your face has a unique structure and shape, and a talented plastic surgeon will make the most of what nature gave you in a customized lip augmentation.

There are exciting new products coming to the forefront in cosmetic technology, and the development of injectables is a rapidly expanding field. Take advantage of the new developments in cosmetic enhancements, and have your lip augmentation performed by a plastic surgeon who uses the latest generation of dermal fillers – correctly. These products are softer, more natural in feel, and last longer.

Restylane Lips

Most dermal filler formulas used in modern lip augmentations are created from some form of hyaluronic acid. Restylane is one of the most popular lip plumpers, and for good reason – it creates very natural-looking results. It is available two formulas for lip augmentation, Restylane and Restylane Silk. Restylane was designed for a subtler enhancement and works to smooth the fine lines around the lip zone. The fine, smooth consistency of Restylane and Restylane Silk makes it possible to create plumper, fuller lips that feel soft, and look beautiful.

Depending upon the Restylane formula, the lip or lip line correction lasts for various lengths of time. The Restylane formula is perfect for adding volume and fullness, with results that last about 18 months, while the Restylane Silk formula is more appropriate for fine lines around the mouth or those who want a subtler increase in volume. Results typically last about six months – it is a thinner formula.

Some women choose to add volume a little at a time, rather than in one treatment, while others want to achieve a full-on pout in just one appointment. One advantage is that if you don’t like the look, hyaluronic fillers can be dissolved – but save yourself from that experience by having a lip enhancement performed right the first time!


While BOTOX injections don’t add volume, a more recent lip enhancement procedure using BOTOX is making waves. The product works by relaxing the muscles at the side of the upper and lower lips, allowing the inner area of the lip structure to become more prominent – like when you pout for a selfie, revealing some of your inner lip. This treatment creates the illusion of larger, fuller lips by allowing the inner part of the lip to roll outward.

To get a little technical, the BOTOX is injected into part of the lips called the “orbicularis oris.” This is a specific section of the layers of muscle surrounding your mouth. The procedure – to be successful – requires high level skills and a deep understanding of facial muscle structure. Too much BOTOX injected can leave you with a mouth that won’t function correctly. While a BOTOX lip treatment can produce a stunning result, ensure you have it performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon – NEVER at a “BOTOX party” or discount medspa. You need a pro for this one.

For BOTOX lips, also called a “BOTOX lip flip,” plan on only a few minutes for the procedure. Even though it requires little time, it is a meticulous, precise treatment. When done correctly, your lips look larger and plumper – because they are. The results last about three to four months.

The Science Behind Physical Attraction

While everyone has their personal taste, scientific studies confirm that facial symmetry attracts. Your features play a large role in how others respond to you, socially and professionally. If you were genetically programmed to have thinner lips, you can create a more alluring, youthful look by altering shape and size and creating better definition. Cosmetic lip enhancement can be subtle or more dramatic, based upon the wishes of the individual, but whatever you decide, you can expect others to respond to your appearance differently.

Your Face is Your Calling Card

Whether you have concerns about lost lip volume or definition due to age, or inherited thinner lips, modern cosmetic technology can allow you to enhance your facial appearance. The clarity of your skin, symmetry of features, and a fresh, youthful glow, is inviting, appealing, and attractive. The first impression you make is largely a result of your facial appearance, and many choose to take advantage of modern surgical and non-surgical treatments to create a better first impression, whether for personal reasons or for the advantages an appealing face offer in a business environment.

The Rules of Lip Enhancement

There are certain unchanging rules in lip augmentation. This is not a procedure to undertake on a whim; it requires careful evaluation of your facial structure, the size and appearance of your other features, and the use of the correct dermal fillers to achieve the most beautiful result. One hard and fast rule is that you must have the procedure from a highly skilled medical professional, rather than taking advantage of the cheapest options.

Any facial enhancement requires an exceptional level of skill. If you are considering lip plumping or other facial treatment, talk to the professionals at New Face NY, where we are known for creating truly beautiful results — consistently. Natural-looking, plump, smooth lips will always be appealing, and if that is your wish, we are here to create truly exceptional results – not just lips – we do it all, in a luxurious, discreet clinic where you feel comfortable, cared for, and where you can be confident you will get the stunning result you envision.

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