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Facial Surgery

Time and gravity are two factors that can bring your face down… literally. Cosmetic surgeries of the face are performed to reverse the clock and make you look as young as you feel.

Browlifts, facelifts, necklifts, facial contouring, Lower Eyelid Surgery, and Upper Eyelid Surgery are performed to tighten facial skin and restore elasticity. NYC double-board certified facial and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich assesses your facial structure, fat and skin distribution, and determines the best approach based on your desired results.


facial surgery

A facelift is a surgical procedure that pulls facial skin upwards towards the hairline. Patients can opt for a full, middle or lower facelift, depending on the area(s) they wish to target. Sagging skin, loose tissue and lax muscles are tightened on the forehead, cheeks and jowls. The most commonly used approaches are the endoscopic facelifts, S-lifts and SMAS lifts.

Brow Lift

facial surgery

A browlift, performed alone or in conjunction with a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) subtly pulls loose skin upwards back toward the hairline, restoring the patient’s youthful countenance. Dr. Westreich uses an endoscopic (camera-guided) browlift technique which allows him to perform the surgery via 3-5 small incisions, without the removal of any hair. Scars are hidden behind the hairline and recovery time is significantly reduced.

Earlobe Repair & Reduction

facial surgery

An earlobe of normal size and proportion is often overlooked, but when an earlobe becomes elongated or enlarged due to the aging process, it can become a major cause of concern for some individuals.


facial surgery

In young children, overly prominent or irregular ears can provoke unwanted teasing and name-calling. But with this simple surgical procedure, those taunts can quickly be eliminated.

Facial Contouring

facial surgery

A youthful face has natural contours and volume in all the high points such as the cheeks, forehead, jawline and chin. Age and thinning bone diminish these beautiful contours. Facial contouring can involve the use of liposuction, fat transfers, bone remodeling and implants to re-sculpt the features of the face.

Mohs Reconstruction

facial surgery

Although Mohs surgery can help reduce the chances of permanent scarring, some individuals may develop a notable defect after excision. Patients with large cancerous lesions and certain skin types tend to be more prone to scarring.

Neck Liposuction

facial surgery

Even with regular diet and exercise, it is difficult to target the fatty deposit beneath our chin and neck. Neck liposuction can remove undesirable fat from under the chin and along the neck line.

Neck Lift

facial surgery

A necklift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin on the neck while simultaneously tightening the underlying muscles that have loosened over time. Dr. Westreich makes tiny incisions behind the ear and along the natural fold under the chin. This allows him to tighten the neck muscles, remove any excess neck skin, and liposuction fatty deposits.

Facial Implants

facial surgery

In cases where the chin or cheekbones lack definition or require enhancement, facial implants may present a dynamic solution. Cheekbones can be augmented to create balance with the rest of the facial features, or a weak chin can be corrected to harmonize with a newly sculpted nose.

Scar Revision & Trauma Surgery

facial surgery

Trauma surgery refers to the surgical treatment and management of acute, traumatic injuries. This branch of surgery deals with injuries sustained due to an impact event, such as a motor vehicle accident, a fall, a gunshot wound, or an industrial accident.

Chin Implant Surgery

chin implant surgery

This surgical procedure can add balance to a face that is disproportionate. Done correctly, it can greatly increase your already existing beautiful attributes.

Facial Reconstruction

Face Reconstruction surgery

Facial reconstruction is a custom-tailored procedure geared to restore your facial appearance so it is more pleasing – to you, and to others.


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